Live Outside the Box Spring Scavenger Hunt

Live Outside the Box Spring Scavenger Hunt

Participate in our Live Outside the Box Spring Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win $500 BIA BUCKS!! From March 25th- May- 25th we want you to SNAP & SHARE as you SHOP, EAT and PLAY downtown for a chance to WIN.

How to Play:

SNAP as many of the following photos as possible

  1. Trying on an outfit
  2. Enjoying a meal
  3. Playing a board game
  4. Tasting a bakery dessert
  5. Grabbing a local coffee/tea
  6. Getting a takeout menu
  7. Looking at a Window Display
  8. Taking a selfie with The Sleeping Giant
  9. Dancing in the street
  10. Attending a show or event
  11. Posing like a mannequin in a store
  12. Enjoying a health or beauty treatment
  13. Socializing with friends
  14. Posing with the business card of a Waterfront District
    employee or business owner
  15. Shaking hands with someone who works in the Waterfront

The Rules:

  1. Take photos of the actions listed between March 25th – May 25th
  2. All photos must be snapped in the Waterfront District
  3. Once you have snapped all your photos, upload them to this event page
  4. You do NOT need a photo of every action on the list to enter
  5. You will receive a ballot in your name for entry into the draw for every action you snap and share. i.e. If you snap & share two actions you will receive two ballots in the draw
  6. Upload all photos in one post where possible. If needed, you may edit your original post and add more photos to it
  7. The deadline to upload photos is May 25th 11:59pm
  8. Contest entry is open to anyone over the age of 19 years

How to enter:

SNAP & SHARE: Simply upload your photo submissions to our Facebook Event Page.
Download and Print the Official Scavenger Hunt List & Rules.